Knots and Ropework

Alan Boreham gave a free do-it-yourself seminar on the Eight Basic Knots Every Boater Should Know at the 2024 Vancouver International Boat Show. Click on the link to see our blog post on this topic.

Do you like to do ropework, or have you ever wanted to try it? There are lots of books and videos available, and an almost endless number of interesting projects you can do, whether you have a boat or not.


Appropriately, we like the small rope mat as a starting project because it makes a good beer mat, or a coaster for a coffee cup if you prefer. It also takes less than an hour to make if you know how.


Alan offered kits for sale at the Vancouver International Boat Show, containing everything you need to make one 4-inch (10 cm) mat like this.


They were very popular! So we're offering them for sale here.

Buy a Mat Making Kit


Each kit contains a working platform, design template, layout pins, 5/32-inch (4 mm) braided polyethylene line, and detailed instructions to make one 4-inch (10 cm) mat.


After you have mastered the first one, you can get more line and use the design template over and over again, to make as many mats as you want. In whatever colour you want!


Buy your kit now!


CAD$10 plus postage






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