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The authors, from left to right: Peter Jinks, Alan Boreham, and Bob Rossiter, at a reunion in the Harbor Pub in Waikiki, 1996

Photo by Patricia Rossiter

Peter Jinks (left) is an entrepreneur from Sydney. He is the Director of Hastings Property Buyers. Peter is affiliated with Real Estate Institute of New South Wales. He speaks English and Australian! An ardent traveler, he also enjoys flying, diving, fitness, chess, travel, sailing, running, and swimming. He is happily married with two beautiful daughters.

Alan Boreham (middle) is a civil engineer from Vancouver. He attended University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He is affiliated with University of British Columbia Alumni Association, and the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia. Alan speaks English and French. Although now retired, he contributes travel articles to the Canadian Teacher Magazine, and enjoys, travel, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, and carpentry.

Bob Rossiter (right) is professional mariner from Auckland. He attended Seddon Memorial Technical College. He is affiliated with New Zealand Hot Rod Association, New Zealand Hot rod Magazine, Whitianga Flying Club, Whitianga Big Game Fishing Club, Tonga Big Game Fishing Club and Super Kiwi Marine. Bob speaks English and Polynesian. Now retired, he enjoys sailing, small boat construction and instruction, game fishing, motorcycles, and hot rods. He is also happily married and is planning future adventures together with his wife.

All three sailors are presently back home and collaborating on new works of fiction and nonfiction. The authors all share the trait that allows them to see the possibilities, rather than the obstacles to achieving them.

Other than that common feature, they have their own personalities. Peter is quite entrepreneurial, outgoing, optimistic, and expressive. Alan is the diligent, perceptive, confident and imaginative one. And Bob is known for being genial, positive, with a strong sense of humor, and inquisitive.

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